Your Eastside vs. Westside Favorites

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KCRW’s Eastside/Westside Throwdown this week, where we settle one of the important questions facing our city (which side of the sprawl is best?), we asked Good Food listeners to text us their take. Which Angelenos eat best? And where’s good to eat in your neighborhood?

1400 very opinionated people responded. “Eastside has better values than the Westside,” one person wrote. Another texter countered that the vegetables are better in the west. Though, as someone else pointed out, “People on the Westside never leave it so I don’t think you’ll get accurate answers.”

Several people expressed discomfort with the question, arguing that Eastside/Westside throwdowns contribute to a divided city. But they also inspire neighborhood pride, like the big grin that must be on the face of the person who wrote, “East eats better…Miracle Mile area and M Cafe is my hood hang!!”

We mapped all your hood hangs. Take your fellow listeners’ advice, and have a new experience across town, wherever you live. Open the map in a new window to add your local favorite.

You can also hear Jonathan Gold’s picks for East and Westside eats here.

View Listeners’ Eastside vs. Westside Restaurant Picks in a larger map