Lost Notes S1 Ep. 4: New Edition's Neighborhood Secret

Hearing the name New Edition is likely to conjure a lot of thoughts. Bobby Brown, those sweet dance moves, and the recent BET biopic to name but a few. Usually not too high on that list is the fact that they’re from Boston, but New Edition’s Boston roots run deep. So when they filmed a music video in Los Angeles with the Lakers during the height of the 1980s Celtics/Lakers rivalry, it was quite a shock to their hometown supporters. Find out how it happened, and how an assist from Michael Jackson ensured that New Edition stayed a band long enough to even get to that point.




Other credits:
Dart Adams (interview)
Bill Dern (interview)
Bobby Hart (interview)
Andrew Leland (editing)
David Weinberg (editing)

Production assistance from Marion Hodges, Caitlin Shamberg, Adria Kloke, Andrea Bautista, and Tyler Hale