New Edition’s Neighborhood Secret

Hearing the name New Edition is likely to conjure a lot of thoughts. Bobby Brown, those sweet dance moves, and the recent BET biopic to name but a few. Usually not too high on that list is the fact that they’re from Boston, but New Edition’s Boston roots run deep. So when they filmed a music video in Los Angeles with the Lakers during the height of the 1980s Celtics/Lakers rivalry, it was quite a shock to their hometown supporters. Find out how it happened, and how an assist from Michael Jackson ensured that New Edition stayed a band long enough to even get to that point.

New Edition - My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)

R&B Vocal Group 'New Edition' Portrait In Basketball Uniforms Photo credit: Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty

Other credits:
Dart Adams (interview)
Bill Dern (interview)
Bobby Hart (interview)
Andrew Leland (editing)
David Weinberg (editing)

Production assistance from Marion Hodges, Caitlin Shamberg, Adria Kloke, Andrea Bautista, and Tyler Hale


Donnell Alexander, Nick White, Myke Dodge Weiskopf