S1 Bonus - Reissue: Mad About the Boy

While we await new Lost Notes episodes, our producers are selecting favorite music documentaries from other podcasts as part of a 'Reissue' series. 

The first is from Falling Tree Productions, who have produced some of the finest music stories we've ever heard. "Mad About The Boy", presented by music journalists and pop fans Jude Rogers and Ruth Barnes, takes look at the empowering flip-side of pop fandom.

"An unashamedly pro-girl show that pointed out the advantages of young ladies going through a ridiculous pop fan stage." - The Observer

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on January 28, 2014. Presented by Ruth Barnes and Jude Rogers. Produced by Eleanor McDowall for Falling Tree Productions.

Very special thanks to Alan Hall and Eleanor McDowall at Falling Tree.

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Jude Rogers' mother-in-law, Lillian Adams, during her Beatlemania days. Photo courtesy of Falling Tree Productions.