Actress Sarah Scott on SAG-AFTRA in the Me Too era

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Sarah Scott was a working actress in Hollywood with the usual ups and downs of a life in the entertainment industry. But, while shooting an independent pilot last May, Scott says she was harassed and assaulted by co-star, Kip Pardue. Pardue’s attorney told the LA Times that the actor denies engaging in any non-consensual conduct.

Though she was furious about what had happened, instead of going to the police or filing a lawsuit, Scott decided to go the route of filing a complaint with her union SAG-AFTRA. She figured in the wake of the Me Too movement, the union would be ready to handle this situation. But that’s not exactly what she found.

According to the LA Times, after a disciplinary hearing held in March, SAG-AFTRA ruled that Pardue was guilty of serious misconduct in violation of the union’s constitution and fined him $6000. But Scott tells The Business the union’s handling of the case was slow, at times insensitive and ultimately somewhat unsatisfying.

Listen in to hear more from Scott, including why she felt she had to speak to the press and her hope for union reform for other assault survivors.

By the way, just for full disclosure, KCRW employees are represented by SAG-AFTRA as a union.




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