Hollywood News Banter

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Michael Schneider, executive editor of TV Guide magazine, joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- News that South African comedian Trevor Noah would be the new host of The Daily Show following Jon Stewart's departure was at first greeted with enthusiasm and excitement. Then, just as quickly, the backlash came. Should some racist, sexist and unfunny tweets from years ago keep Noah from taking over as host? For now, Comedy Central is standing by their man.
- A group of agents from CAA suddenly defect and move to UTA, taking some big name comedy clients like Chris Pratt and Will Ferrell with them. These types of moves are rare in the industry and will likely be the start of a protracted legal battle.
- More details emerge in the partnership between the Huayi brothers and STX studios. Their focus is going to me on making mid-range budget movies, an area that's been overshadowed as studios focus more on super-hero blockbusters.



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