Netflix is no longer Wall Street’s darling streaming service

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Industry executives reveal that Netflix may be crumbling under poor leadership. Photo by Shutterstock.

Netflix has always been a black box of information. Highly-paid executives were paranoid to discuss anything happening inside the company. But now that the streamer is in a moment of turmoil, some employees are talking, including to Kim Masters for The Hollywood Reporter. They say the fork in the road came in 2020 when Ted Sarandos fired Cindy Holland, an executive who brought in numerous shows that became watercooler hits. When Netflix pivoted to a quantity-over-quality strategy, many said  things changed for the worse. 

The pivot was to increase the volume of the fire hose of content and increase their global reach – at the expense, many say, of quality. Now that Netflix has lost about two-thirds of its stock value over the last six months, many are questioning the business strategy. 




Kim Masters