‘COVID manager’ and ‘COVID compliance officer’: Inside Hollywood’s new pandemic economy

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Danika Kohler Doman works as a production coordinator in non-pandemic times, then this year she transitioned to a new role that’s sprung up in Hollywood. She’s been working as a “COVID manager.” Other new roles in the industry include “COVID compliance supervisors,” “COVID compliance officers,” and medical officers on set for testing.

Every project has different demands, which means that the protocols can vary from set to set. They include donning personal protective equipment, frequently testing, and quarantining when the tests come back positive. For instance, when a few people on the set of “Jurassic World: Dominion” tested positive, the crew quarantined for two weeks, even though the tests reportedly came back negative. The production already scaled down after an outbreak on location in Malta.

Kohler Doman has worked on a few projects for Sony and Netflix, though the shoots were much smaller than “Jurassic World.” She talks about how she fell into this strange new gig and handled grumblings from exhausted crew members.




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