Julie Delpy Defies Skeptics; Making 'The Act of Killing'

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Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer discusses how he went about making his surreal documentary film The Act of Killing. Now nominated for an Oscar, the movie shows Indonesian death squad leaders re-enact murders in elaborately staged scenes as if they were actors in a Hollywood movie. 

Actress/writer/director Julie Delpy talks about the process of writing with Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater. The three co-wrote Before Midnight, the third in their trilogy, and have been nominated for an Oscar. Many assume their films are improvised, but Delpy insists they're written and that she and Hawke don't change a word once shooting starts. Delpy has been writing and directing her own films in recent years. She talks about getting financing from Europe and her reasons for living in Hollywood.

Banner image: Musical reenactment still from The Act of Killing, courtesy of Drafthouse Films



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