On set with Sebastian Lelio; Steven Yeun on life after ‘The Walking Dead’

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Actor Steven Yeun in BURNING, directed by Lee Chang-dong. Courtesy of Well Go USA.

Steven Yeun joined us in the studio recently to talk about his role in the Oscar-shortlisted Korean film ‘Burning.’ But we covered many more topics in our conversation, so we’re airing that part of our interview for the first time now. Yeun tells us about the fateful audition that gave him his start in Hollywood. He also explains why after ‘The Walking Dead,’ he’s embraced roles in movies with Korean directors.

Plus, Sebastian Lelio won the foreign-language Oscar for his 2017 movie, ‘A Fantastic Woman.’ His new film, ‘Gloria Bell,’ is in theaters now. We visited him on the set when that movie was shooting and talked about the transition from making Spanish-language films--to working in English. We talk to him and his crew about being in “the vortex.”



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