'To Be Takei'

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The documentary To Be Takei by filmmaker Jennifer Kroot looks at the life of actor, activist and social media master George Takei. When Kroot first approached George Takei and his husband, Brad, about doing a documentary, the couple wasn't so sure, but eventually agreed after learning Kroot was a Star Trek fan herself and had been intrigued by Takei after reading his autobiography.

George and Brad Takei
Photo courtesy Falco Ink

The resulting film, To Be Takei, looks at Takei's life from his childhood in an internment camp to his years on the Star Trek TV show and movies to his recent activism for marriage equality.

Takei also talks about the massive production problems behind the scenes of the first Star Trek feature film and why, after working together for decades, William Shatner claims not to know him.




Kaitlin Parker