The Unlikely Liaison; Ilene Chaiken & Michelle Ashford

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Actress Kate del Castillo wanted to make a movie about El Chapo. Sean Penn wanted to write an article about the infamous drug lord. They thought they were on the same page when they traveled to go and meet him, but as journalist Robert Draper tells us, both parties claim they didn't know what the other one wanted. He tells us how the glamorous Mexican actress came to be the liaison between Penn and El Chapo. And, Michael Schneider sits down with Ilene Chaiken, executive producer of Fox's Empire and Michelle Ashford, executive producer of Masters of Sex on Showtime to talk about how they broke into the industry and grew their careers.

Photo: (L-R) Michael Schneider with executive producers Michelle Ashford from Masters of Sex and Ilene Chaiken from Empire at the National Association of Television Program Executives gathering. 



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