Neil Berkeley and Wayne White: Beauty Is Embarrassing

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Wayne White's first big break was as a production designer for Pee Wee's Playhouse during its first year in New York City. It was an instant hit, and soon the entire crew, including White, headed west, to the rough and rugged sprawl of Los Angeles. When Pee Wee completed its run, White lent his artistic flair to the sets and of other kids' shows like Shining Time Station and Beakman's World, and designed music videos for Peter Gabriel and the Smashing Pumpkins. White is a performer, collector, puppeteer, painter, writer and humorist...most recently his characteristic word paintings have been celebrated in galleries and magazines nationwide. Neil Berkeley first met Wayne as a production assistant taking his sandwich order, and quickly realized he had an incredible opportunity to capture the unique journey of this southern philosopher. Berkeley put his own unique twist on the story by highlighting its hero's journey and providing a unique framework for Beauty Is Embarrassing. They talk with Elvis about everything from football, to duality, to how Wayne's mom inspired the Pee Wee set. Also, they explain "Southern Daddy Shame Ray."



Wayne White studio, photo courtesy of filmmaker



Banner image: (L-R) Wayne White and Neil Berkeley