“Inside” actor Willem Dafoe doesn’t need a backstory

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Willem Dafoe. Photo credit: Brad Trent

With more than 130 films to his name and roles as varied as the Green Goblin in the “Spiderman” films and Jesus Christ in “The Last Temptation of Christ,” actor Willem Dafoe is virtually incapable of being typecast. However, he brings a strong work ethic and lack of pretense to every role he plays. 

His latest role is as an art thief who gets trapped in a luxury penthouse when a heist goes wrong in the film “Inside.” Dafoe tells The Treatment he does not need or like to have a backstory when preparing a character. He says it was helpful to shoot “Inside” in chronological order, as it allowed his character’s increasing desperation to feel more organic. And he explains why he loves to incorporate props into his acting.

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Rebecca Mooney