MoviePass’ Stacy Spikes on uphill battle for Black entrepreneurs

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Stacy Spikes. Photo credit: George Kerrigan

Entrepreneur Stacy Spikes co-founded the company MoviePass, which offers a monthly subscription to see as much as a movie a day. He also founded the Urbanworld Film Festival, which highlights films by people of color. His new memoir, “Black Founder: The Hidden Power of Being an Outsider,” tells of the ups and downs of starting those ventures and the discrimination he experienced in the process. 

Spikes tells the Treatment that in spite of having extensive experience in film marketing, he was met with doubts when he pitched his idea for MoviePass. He also talks about investors assuming his white colleague was the founder of the company. And Spikes explains that diversity in business isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also good for business. 



Rebecca Mooney