‘A Good Person’ director Zach Braff on being a ‘decent’ actor

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Zach Braff and Elvis Mitchell at KCRW HQ. Photo credit: Zach Braff

Most people recognize actor and director Zach Braff for his energetic and comedic role on the NBC sitcom “Scrubs.” However, as a director of films “Garden State” and “Wish I was Here,” his work delves into more serious themes of mental illness and grief. 

His latest film as director is “A Good Person,” starring Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman. It explores how life continues beyond the immediate aftermath of a tragedy. Braff tells The Treatment that his own personal experiences around grief and depression keep finding their way into his films. He says he was interested in exploring how people get up again after falling down in “A Good Person.” And he reveals a powerful, key scene that was left out of “Garden State.”

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Rebecca Mooney