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Penguin was a magpie. An injured, baby magpie that Cameron Bloom and his family found outside their house, on the Northern Beaches above Sydney, Australia. He found it around the same time that his wife, Sam, got into a terrible accident. And so, together, Sam and Penguin recovered.

It sounds like the plot of a movie. And, as it turns out, the story is being made into a movie, and is now a book.

But a movie is a movie, and a book is a book, and Instagram is a beautiful illusion. And real life is having everything you know crushed to pieces, on a surfing vacation gone horribly wrong.

Produced by Jessica Bineth, Jesse Cox and Belinda Lopez, in collaboration with ABC’s This is About. Sound mix and music by Bob Carlson, featuring guitar from Cam and Sam’s 14 year old son Noah Bloom.

Penguin Bloom, the book by Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Grieve, is now on sale in the United States. 10% of all royalties are being donated to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

We'll actually be giving away a couple copies of the book, courtesy of Atria Books. To enter, Tweet or Facebook us your favorite/most awkward/ugliest pictures of animals you love!

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Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson