The Ugliest Kitten Who Ever Was

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David Crabb was lost. And then, he found a kitten. An injured and disfigured kitten, who was hiding in the basement of the house he shares with his husband Jack.

David thought he’d found his purpose in life: the kitten. He made a “kitty spa” for his patient, and spent all his time devoted to nursing the kitchen back to health. But instead of saving him, David’s kitten-fixation started to drive him over the edge.

David Crabb is an author, actor, and host of The Moth Main Stage series. Bad Kid, his solo show about growing up gay and goth in Texas, was a New York Times Critics’ Pick. His memoir by the same name was released last year by Harper Perennial. His next memoir, Whoever You Are I Hope You're Okay, comes out in 2018.

The Kitten (Courtesy of David Crabb)



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson