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Hello UnFictional listeners! It’s been awhile!  This is Bob Carlson just checking in with an update about UnFictional plus I have some very exciting news about an episode coming to this podcast feed very soon. 

First the update… We’re in production for another season of UnFictional this spring, in fact we’re still looking for story ideas so if you’re a sound story producer who likes making unusual stories or you have a story that you think should be on UnFictional you can email us at unfictional@kcrw.org

One of the projects I’ve been working on in the meantime is also the exciting news on Thursday October 28th we’re premiering a podcast that is a collaboration between UnFictional and KCRW’s Lost Notes podcast. It’s called Bent by Nature; Deirdre O’Donoghue and the Lost SNAP archives and it’s about the most influential radio DJ you’ve maybe never heard of.

SNAP was on KCRW in the 1980s it was an independent rock and pop music show, but it was also a lot more than that and SNAP reinvented the idea of live music on the radio and dozens of bands played live on her show, some you’ve heard of and some you should hear it was an interesting time for organic and emotional indie pop music, and Dierdre O’Donoghue was the dean mother of the scene in Los Angeles.

We restored and digitized hundreds of hours of recordings many of which haven’t been heard since they were originally broadcast over 30 years ago and not only that I was there, I was a sound mixer on SNAP during my earliest days at KCRW I learned on the job, and was pulled into Dierdre’s world.

We’ve also interviewed some of the musicians who played on SNAP like Michael Stipe and Julian Cope, Steve Wynn from The Dream Syndicate and Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. 

The first two episodes are made like UnFictional episodes and they introduce you to Dierdre and the world of SNAP and right now I’m going to play a clip that gives you an idea of what to expect when you download the Bent By Nature podcast available on October 28th wherever you get UnFictional or the Lost Notes podcast.





Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson