A Dark Pop Masterpiece from Liars

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Earlier last week, super-awesome noisedudes Liars (now based in LA!) released a brand new track off their forthcoming album WIXIW (apparently pronounced “Wish You“.)

Although I’ve had a soft spot for Liars’ particular brand of textured, off-kilter noise rock since “They Threw Us in A Trench…” , it’s not hard to see why they haven’t necessarily become a household name.

Even at their most ethereal and romantic, like 2006’s stunning “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack,” Liars have a puzzling angularity and haunting drone that isn’t for everyone.

However, on their latest track “No.1 Against the Rush” they’ve basically struck a pitch perfect balance between their interest in dissonance and motorik pop, the brooding lyrical delivery tempered by a shimmering plaintive pleading.

This is like a Low-era Bowie cover band covering LCD’s “Someone Great” with a lovesmitten Nick Cave as vocalist.

In essence, it’s a dark pop masterpiece.

— Mario Cotto