A Lesson in Pop Perfection From Kindness

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For a short while, I’ve been singing the praises of Kindness.

Earlier this year, they released their first video, “Cyan,” which featured Kindness’ main man, Adam Bainbridge walking around New York City in time to the lyrics.

That track set the bar pretty high for the full-length and thankfully, they’ve delivered one of the year’s most stunning releases “World, You Need a Change of Mind.”

On a fantastic record with a number of really fantastic singles, one track stood out to me not only as THE track on the album but as my absolute favorite track of the year so far, “House.”

This morning Kindness released a charmingly odd video for “House“.

As I’ve mentioned, the song is amazing, but I love the fact that Bainbridge took a completely different tack and didn’t make a video that features the song prominently, but rather has him talking about pop music and teaching a little kid named Ramon how to play “House“.

I absolutely love it.

–Mario Cotto