Adventure: Artist You Should Know

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From the same super-awesome vat of lysergic DIY synthsludge (located somewhere in an abandoned Baltimore factory) that gave us Dan Deacon and Future Islands, comes one Benny Boeldt. Releasing music under the moniker, Adventure, went from a very chippy, 8-bit self-titled debut release in 2008 to a really cool sophomore release titled, “The Lesser Known.”

Frankly, I slept on “The Lesser Known” when it dropped in March, but that’s okay because some of the more throbbing cuts have a menace that’s actually perfect for Fall/Winter vibes.

I have been listening to “Rio” on extreme-repeat (like 10-15 times in a row) for a minute now and have a feeling maybe the good folks over at Carpark know that A) this albums got legs and B) the music has a good season’s changing throb, so they premiered the spectacularly weird video for “Rio” in August.

The lovely cut & paste absurdity of the video and the chugging motorik beat make it one of my favorite discoveries that I almost maybe didn’t discover of the year. This video is totally Dada-dance. SOINTOIT.


Mario Cotto