An Ethereal Homecoming for Nosaj Thing

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Nosaj Thing released his debut album “Drift“.

In either a fit of brilliant kismet or, rather, as a multi-layered indicator of his interest in no longer Drift-ing, he signed to local label (dare I say, juggernaut) Innovative Leisure and is about to release a new album titled “Home”.

So far only one track is available for streaming, the completely mesmerizing “Eclipse/Blue.”  It features lush layers of soft synth washes and the haunting vocals of Blonde Redhead‘s Kazu Makino.

It is both a stunning production leap forward for the traditionally beat-driven LA artist Nosaj (neé Jason Chung) and has an aura that recalls the more minimalist moments on Radiohead’s Kid A/Amnesiac albums.

Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue feat. Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead) by Innovative Leisure

It’s got a dramatic largesse and twinkling smallness that is the sound of driving from LAX back into Downtown Los Angeles at night from heights of the 105/110 interchange…where you can see everything from a distance.

That moment you realize you’ve come back home.

— Mario Cotto