Archie Pelago: Artist You Should Know

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Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago are unto something very next level. Multidimensional, even.

The jazz trio composed of multi-talented, classically trained dudes Hirshi, Cosmo D and Kroba have taken Nico Jaar’s heady, atmospheric House and added equal parts slo-mo chill Balearic Island vibes and layers of woozy brass.

For their recent, incredibly lush single, “Saturn V” they created an inhabitable “video game” (like Myst) where you as the user/listener are granted a digital body that interacts with the space and sounds while walking through very 90s rave-digi rendered rooms which are representative of each member’s personal interests.

It is a way of not only inviting the listener to hear, but literally experience the music virtually. It is very Lawnmower Man and 90s virtual reality, but not merely as nostalgia-twinged ironic joke. It’s an actual exploration of sound and meaning from within the warm bubble of “Saturn V.

Following the release of 12″s on Mister Saturday Night, Well Rounded, Styles Upon Styles and their own Archie Pelago Music, they are set to release a collaborative full length LP with like minded, LA artist Grenier on Manchester’s Melodic.

These dudes have found a pretty chill space to inhabit, and they’re totally inviting us to their open House.