Artist You Should Know: Museum of Love

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While James Murphy was the heart, soul, and face of LCD Soundsystem, drummer Pat Mahoney was it’s backbone.

Pounding the skins with metronomic precision for the group’s entire seven year run, Mahoney was the anchor of LCD’s muscular rhythm section.

Three and a half years removed from LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison Square Garden (immortalized in the film Shut Up And Play The Hits), Pat Mahoney is back with a new project called Museum of Love.

Joined by Dennis McNany (a.k.a. Jee Day, the artist responsible for “Sum Of Love” — one of my favorite tracks of the last couple years) Mahoney has taken on a new role as front man in his new band.

The duo recently released their debut self-titled album and it’s been steadily growing on me since it first landed in my inbox last week.

Riding a similar sonic wavelength as LCD Soundsystem, Museum of Love straddles the lines between modern electronic music, disco, and rock, with a bit more of a synth pop bent.

In Infancy” is the standout track on here for me. McNany’s twinkling lead synth line and Mahoney’s hazy vocals and driving percussion combine to give the track an almost transcendental feel.

The slow chugging “Monotronic“, which was released as a single late last year, showcases the group at its most delicate and stripped down, and is the perfect soundtrack to your end-of-night comedown.

Museum of Love’s eponymous full length is a must listen for any fan of LCD Soundsystem and has become one of my favorite albums of the year.

Do yourself a favor and get to know them.

Travis Holcombe