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Here’s a new music recommendations courtesy of KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:

unidentified cover artTwenty-year-old Jack Hammill (aka Jack Tiraquon) is a kid from Belfast. He makes brilliantly melodic acid-techno-funk music (R&S/Clone) and occasionally DJs (this summer he’ll be at Sonar Fest/Fabric.) But, I would go a step further and propose that he is actually on an epistemological time traveling space cowboy mission.

One interview I read claims that Jack spends his free time, “controlling dimensions, loitering in space, (and) seducing astro-bitches.” Total space cowboy business…

As evidenced by the cover to his “Unidentified Flying Oscillator” release, he is set on blazing a neon tunnel through the vastness of space and arriving who knows where, using the music as the express train. Like neo-retro-futurists (LA’s own) Dam-Funk and Bottin, Hammill’s use of an amalgam of old analog equipment and digital synths creates an immediate timelessness to his music, a familiarity too fresh to ignore, but simultaneously to foreign to place.

Like I mentioned, the kid is barely 20, which means that he wasn’t even born when The Belleville Three were galvanizing Detroit techno and was barely out of diapers when Aphex Twin’s SAW2 was released.

Regardless, he’s creating music that both acknowledges the influence of those artists very clearly, while creating something that also clearly stands on its own feet…when not floating in zero gravity. This is timewarp music and you can grab the EP for free HERE

Get along little doggies, and set a course for the dark side of Callisto.


Space Dimension Controller – Galactic Effector

(more mp3s available here)

— Mario Cotto