Axel Boman: Artist You Should Know

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There’s one every year…an album that at the very end, once you think it’s all sealed up and you’re ready to welcome the next year’s albums…runs the old football play, The Fleaflicker…and sneak attacks, catches you off guard and runs into the end zone, winning the game and leaving you speechless.

This year that album is Axel Boman‘s “Family Vacation”.

A stunningly lovely collection of lush Downtempo House chuggers reminiscent of the early 2000s rise of super chill but super melodic artists like Royksopp, “Family Vacation” is groovy as Heyyyyyyylllllll.

Expertly crafted by Boman, everything is in it’s right place but it still has a warm, soulful vibe that invites you.

Like it’s cheeky November release date, Boman’s also boldly called it Family Vacation”, which will either be immediately put you off or bring you happy memories…regardless, it is an undeniable album and is a total end-of-year gamechanger…Let all the mouth breathing mooks have their “Blurred Lines“, Boman’s “Hello” is the crazysexycool track of the year.

This album will be the one discriminating listeners are gonna be gifting and requesting to hear at holiday parties all season long.

BARN 018 07. Axel Boman – Hello by Studio Barnhus