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The last few years have found Portishead’s Geoff Barrow particularly busy, between touring and possibly secretly working on new material for Portishead (or not.)

Regardless, in this time, Barrow has made time to c0-produce The Horrors‘ dark shoegazey epic Primary Colours, Anika’s self-titled post-punk diamond in the rough, and a hip hop project for Stones Throw called Quakers, all the while fostering his label Invada.

Additionally, he’s formed a new music project called BEAK>, which released it’s first LP in 2009.

Equal parts dirgey dark psychedelia and kraut/cosmiche, Barrow and his BEAK> -mates (Billy Fuller & Matt Williams) are blazing a sonic trail that feels like the musical equivalent of a sci-fi Jodoworsky film. Their second full-length “>>” will hit our digital and physical shores in July and is available streaming NOW on their Bandcamp page.

Hear a sample below.

Yatton by Invada Records

It’s a good and exciting thing — even if it’s unpronouncable.

— Mario Cotto