Benoit & Sergio: Artist You Should Know

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Benoit & Sergio (photo via Ghostly International)
Benoit & Sergio (photo via Ghostly International) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:

In their brief tenure as recording artists (less than 2 years,) DC’s Benoit & Sergio have already released a formidable series of 12”s and EPs on notable labels thesongsays, Spectral/Ghostly, Visionquest, and most recently, DFA.

Although technically they’d be labeled a minimalist techno-house outfit, Benoit & Sergio are actually doing something very exciting and altogether different.

Drawing narrative inspiration from songwriters like Leonard Cohen and The Beach Boys, B & S are making dance music that is working on various levels and compels you to really listen.

By creating lyrically driven mid-tempo house, they’ve crafted epic (and often really funny) off kilter pop songs about the loneliness and desperation of clublife. “Midnight People,” “Full-Grown Man,” and “Boy Trouble” all explore (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) the frustrations of being a “Full-Grown Man who makes demands on [a lady’s] time” and the difficulty of trying to impress “girls with legs like a Ferrari.”

Stream “Midnight People”

Midnight people (original) by benoitandsergio

All that being said, they have crafted some big tunes with huge hooks and gorgeous melodies for that 3AM throw your head back and hands in the air, slow disco ball shimmer moment.

They are seriously intriguing artists with a sound and sensibility that anyone who likes to dance would love, but any Full-Grown Man who gets a little lonely late at night would really appreciate.

They put together an excellent mix for my Saturday show and you can hear it now in the archives.

— Mario Cotto