Bikini: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto

Bikini Photo

I’m tempted to not write anything…but simply urge you to listen to the Bikini track: “ACheerlaeder”

Bikini – ACheerlaeder by The India Trading Company

But I won’t do that. I’ll play nice and tell you that Bikini is two fresh young fellows, Nigel Diamond and Olivier Olivier. These dudes are a couple of musically-inclined prep school school kids who I get the impression would’ve been in the back of the classroom scowling at the teachers, the preppy kids, and the Max Fischers alike, anxiously waiting for the bell to ring to get back home to their laptops.

The two of them started making music together after they graduated and started sending each other musical files to work on. The end result is gloriously anthemic bedroom music which I imagine sounds phenomenal on club speakers. As an outfit, they’re akin to a possibly more loop oriented MGMT, or a poppier version of Blondes…regardless…this is dreamy music to play loudly and raise your hands in the air to…and if the teacher calls on you, just get up on your desk and dance.