Blank Capsule: Artist You Should Know

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Late last year, Toronto’s Jokers of the Scene came by the show in the middle of the night and did a live set. During their set, they debuted a track by a less dancey – more goth/industrial-tinged side project they’ve been working on (with collaborators Vitaminsforyou) for awhile called Blank Capsule.

The track was a cover of Joe Crow‘s “Compulsion,” which I’d first encountered as a cover by Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore on his solo Counterfeit EP. When they seamlessly incorporated it into their atmospheric house set, I was super excited to hear what other dark magic they’d be unleashing on us.

Perfectly in time with a recent EBM comp by Trevor Jackson, new Minimal Wave comps, and a slew of synthy re-issues…Blank Capsules’ 7″ shuffles and throbs with a lovely dreadful aspect that recalls Nitzer Ebb at it’s surliest.

This music glares at you and challenges you to maintain eye contact…don’t flinch.

Blank Capsule “Shades And Shades And Shades Of Grey” by Blank Capsule