Blow Your Mind Video: Psychedelic Cowgirl Synth Disco

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Cultures of Soul have been putting out super chill compilations, reissues and World Disco 12″s for a hot minute now.

Most recently they put out a compilation, “Bombay Disco“, which showcases some pretty wild leftfield Bollywood film music from the late Disco era.

I’d picked up the limited edition Asha Bhosle 12″ that was released just before the full length. The A-side is a lovely Brother Cleve edit of  Bollywood superstar Bhosle’s hit “Udi Baba” but it was the weird chuggy groover B-side, “Koi Lutera”  that basically melted my face off…

With a soppy, melty pool off face all over my hands and keyboard I went looking for video on YouTube I came across…this….and then what was left of my face and head just…exploded.