Boards of Canada Reach for the Dead

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A little over a month ago, in a cryptically subtle but completely captivating manner Boards of Canada surreptitiously revealed their forthcoming Warp release, “Tomorrow’s Harvest.

Coming on June 11th, it marks their first new work since 2005’s “The Campfire Headphase.

After weeks of playing haunting snippets from a series of rare, barely labeled 12″s that came out on Record Store DayBBC DJ Zane Lowe finally premiered their first new work, “Reach for the Dead“, last night. Earlier this morning, KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley played it on MBE…and if I can get my hands on it, you better believe I’ll play it on Saturday.

In typical BoC fashion, the track is a slow haunting melody with a lot of atmospheric noise and aspects that rise and fall or introduce themselves and disappear, before a Vangelis-eque coda at the end. It’s not breaking any new groud per se, but it doesn’t have to…because it’s BoC, and they’re not breaking ground on Earth, they’re terraforming on Mars.

Below is the creepy, empty desert landscape video for “Reach for the Dead