Bot’Ox + Surhan Sidwho? = White Water

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If a gorgeous shimmery disco collaboration between Cosmo Vitelli’s experimental disco punk band Bot’Ox and soulful Australian artist Surahn  Sidwho? sounds good in theory…it sounds even better in actuality.

Their collaboration White Water recently released an EP in early June called “Daylight” on I’m a Cliche.

Taking a number of funky pre-recorded vocals by Surahn into the studio, Vitelli convened his Bot’Ox band members in the studio to craft an old school session feel by recording the band live over Surahn’s vocals.

The result is a track that has all the modern nu-disco flourishes and effects, but sounds like it was recorded in late 1976.

It’s a seriously real chugger that comes with a modern disco rework by righteous Disco House boss Jacques Renault and slightly left-of-center version by Reel to Reel editor Domenico Torti.

This is that summer madness…get wet in the White Water.

White Water – Daylight (out June 3, 2013) by I’m a Cliché