Brassica: Artist You Should Know

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Mysteriously named after the cruciferous genus of plants that give us cabbages and mustard greens, UK producer Michael Anthony Wright creates smart, emotive House as Brassica.

The classically-trained musician has spent the last few years deejaying, playing in bands, performing with the London Sinfonetta, remixing a slew of amazing artists and creating custom software as a foundation for his original series of EPs for the Civil Music label.

His debut LP, “Man is Deaf”, is a fully fleshed realization of everything Wright has done to date, taken to it’s next logical step.

A heartfelt, but heady trip, “Man is Deaf “ebbs and flows with flourishes of House, Disco, Ambient, Italo Techno, New Wave and EBM.

Strains and references to everything from Depeche Mode to Aphex Twin to Cabaret Voltaire to a winking nod to Slayer all weave seamlessly into each other and reveal an artist with a wealth of knowledge of everything that’s come before him and a strong sense of who he is and wants to be.

He’s worked hard at it, and the end result is a full length debut from a dude with a lot of promise. This is how it’s done kids. Pay attention.

Below is a previously released track which is on “Man is Deaf“called “Ballo Dei Morti“.

Dance of the Dead…Just in time for your Danse Macabre.