Bronze Radio Return’s New Festival-Ready Track, “Light Me Up” — Song Premiere

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Going big is in right now. No, I’m not talking about at fast food restaurants – I’m talking about with music!


Now, more than ever, songs destined to be hits tend to sound brighter than others, with big, rousing choruses, sharply engineered & polished production, and a festival-ready presentation. Bronze Radio Return are one such band to recognize the potential of such a sound, as demonstrate on the title cut to their latest album, Light Me Up, which we are excited to be premiering.

Light Me Up” that recall favorites from the likes of Chappo and BRONCHO. Longtime producer Chad Copelin (who has worked with BRONCHO before, so no surprise there) set up a communal recording situation in El Paso, TX for this new album, giving the band an opportunity to try to new flavors. And what do you know, they fit quite nicely!

Bronze Radio Return‘s new album, Light Me Up, is set for release on 10/16 on DigSin, with a U.S. headlining tour beginning that week as well.