Brooklyn’s LEGS Get Sprinkled with Midnight Magic Glitter

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Brooklyn art-rock indie-pop outfit LEGS garnered some attention when their track “So Obvious” landed on the soundtrack to Jenny Slate’s Obvious Child.

Literally a couple of pairs of brothers and their lifelong childhood friends, the band plays slinky, angular funk that would probably make David Byrne do a chicken dance.

The band’s new track “Jungle” has gotten a juicy Midnight Magic rework that beefs up the groove and adds tons of shimmer…like a really thick, perfectly grilled NY Strip steak sprinkled with silver glitter.

*(I know that sounds really gross, and why on Earth would you eat something like that…but, I’m not asking you to eat it, because it’s not food. There’s no steak. It’s not real. It’s a simile. The point is it’s good. And fun. And…I shouldn’t write before lunch.)