Caveman: Artist You Should Know

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Part of the new wave of folky Urban Americana that includes bands like Grizzly Bear, Local Natives, and Fleet Foxes, Caveman are trafficking in the kind of melodic-harmonic atmospherics that sound like a desert’s starry night sky. Their twist however is their knack for letting the atmospheric noodling go deep. So every once in awhile, that night sky’s got an array of satellites and/or other random unidentified flying objects.

They atypically garnered attention because a bartender friend of theirs simply kept playing a cd of their demos at a bar in their Brooklyn neighborhood.  They then started playing more shows locally, and have since become blog darlings on the strength of a  steady number of track releases and road testing their live show like crazy. They’ve just released their first LP “Coco Beware” (named I assume after this guy.)

These guys are gonna play a bunch of CMJ showcases next week and their aforementioned new album has a number of really sweet sweet shooting stars…like “Thankful.”

thankful // caveman by sexmusic

Mario Cotto