Checking In With Matt Lowell of Lo Moon + New Track

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Los Angeles based trio, Lo Moon, have been keeping a tight lid on their forthcoming album but today we get another preview with “This Is It.” The sprawling track soars with ethereal and textured sounds and will surely excite those waiting for a full length.

We checked in with Matt Lowell of Lo Moon to learn about the recording process for the album and the band’s LA inspirations. Check it out below and listen to the new track!

Oh KCRW, you are the glue in the very complicated and beautiful DNA of this city. You are a constant in all the craziness which we rely on to soundtrack our journeys. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this.

More than most cities, LA is a space continuously redefined by the dreams of those who come to inhabit it. Lo Moon’s own story reflects that very idea. I made my way out here from New York almost 4 years ago with some songs in my pocket and dreams of getting a band together. Effortlessly I met Crisanta (who’d come from Denver) and Sam (from London, England), whose different experiences, perspectives and interests all contributed to who we are as a band. This collective energy gave our music life that perhaps could not have happened anywhere else. I wouldn’t say our sound is ‘LA’ or that we’re part of a particular scene of which there are many in this city, but what Los Angeles is – a bizarre collage of creatives – has been crucial to our identity as a band.

The gifts this city gives you are invaluable to artists. In the beginning phases of the record Franc Tetez (1/2 of the production team w/ Chris Walla) and I visited LACMA three times just during the exhibit of Christian Marclays “The Clock”. We sat together in silence reflecting on my lyrics and the basis of time and space, before even stepping foot into the studio. I remember thinking that my move to LA had already been justified by tapping into this side of the city and using new mediums of art to unleash a creative paradigm shift for our music.

The first two months of recording were all spent in my back shed, a small makeshift space where we got to know each other through experimenting with sound. It was a moment in time that set us on a trajectory to who we are as a band now and the feeling of our music. After months spent in Seattle (where the bulk of our album was recorded), we returned home to finish it at a studio our friends were working at called Sonora in Atwater Village. They were camped out there making their record and they were kind enough to let us use their place for a few weeks while they caught their breath. It was an amazing studio and gave us a lot of energy and inspiration towards the end of the process. Safe to say LA played a big part in the making of this record and especially “This Is It”.

“This Is It,” the song we’re debuting with you guys today, went through so many different phases, and it’s amazing to finally have it out there. The song is built on three different acts of a relationship- realization, desperation and hope. We hope you enjoy it!

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