Chemical Brother Singular: Tom Rowlands Releases EP for Phantasy Sound

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Big Beat pioneers The Chemical Brothers are legend. 20 years on, the signature squelch that was present from inception on “Song to the Siren” still bangs on  “Swoon” off 2010’s Furthur.

The past few years found them touring incessantly, releasing an album, scoring a film (Hanna,) releasing another album and a live concert film.

Understandably, they’ve taken a year off…however, considering their tireless search for the perfect beat, Brother Tom Rowlands gave Erol Alkan a couple of DJ tool tracks for use in his sets which Alkan utilized for a couple of months and found that people really dug. These turned into a new EP for Alkan’s always reliable Phantasy Sound label.

The EP (which will be available digitally and on vinyl) features a pair of twitchy bangers  “Through Me” and “Nothing But Pleasure.

The tracks bubble, swirl and jack –“Nothing But Pleasure” is pure intensely hypnotic ramp up for almost 3 minutes at which point it explodes. It’s absolutely bonkers and although the EP is supposed to work as a kind of Chemical Brothers panacea, it will probably just make you fiend for more and rifle through their back catalog…as you impatiently wait for more new Chemicals.

Tom Rowlands – Through Me / Nothing But Pleasure [PREVIEWS] by Phantasy Sound