Chicano Batman: Local Band We Love

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Mama Juana’s with a couple bands. I began my DJ set and played a few records and looked up and noticed the first band setting up ironing boards.

The band was dressed in what looked like they could have been playing at a prom in 1974. The first thought that crossed my mind was “Odelay“.

The soundman cued me to end my set and the MC introduced the band with one of the most unique names I have ever heard. Chicano Batman!

Song by song they delivered soul mixed into cumbias, bossa nova and Latin flavor.

Just to put things into perspective: Cumbias originate from Columbia, Bossa Nova in Brazil and Latin flavor is well, Latin. What I love about this group is their ability to play so many different genres of South America and effortlessly rock a party just as a DJ plays different records from different time periods.

Check out the track “Joven Navegante” off their most recent EP:

Chicano Batman is one of the most exciting bands to come out of Los Angeles!

They are passionate about every note and they know how to have a great time while playing their instruments.

You’ll have a blast with us at the Hammer Museum TOMORROW, Thursday, August 9. It’s the last night in the Made in LA series. It’s free and the festivities start at 7pm. More info here

— Anthony Valadez