Connan Mockasin: Artist You Should Know

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Like a wild-eyed, messy haired kid in the back of a kindergarten classrom happy to play at cooking a stew of Play-Doh and stirring it with a horse, Parisian Kiwi Connan Mockasin has been playing at making sexy funk but using the heaviest psychedelic sedatives to stir it.

From  2010’s “It’s Choade My Dear” to 2011’s “Forever Dolphin Love” to his latest, “I’m The Man, That Will Find You“, off of the phenomenal “Caramel record, Mockasin is a romantic dude with real romantic feelings and he’s not afraid to whisper sweet sensual nothings in your ear…even if those nothings are absolutely bonkers.

Early on, London music stalwart Erol Alkan saw the talented weirdness and has been fostering that talent through a number of releases on his Phantasy label.

But now more people are taking notice and Mockasin’s brand of sensual weirdness has lead to his writing for Charlotte Gainsbourg, whose father practically invented creepy, psychedelic sensuality.

Last year, Dam-Funk and Ariel Pink collaborated on a luscious cover of “Baby“, that split the difference between funk, psych rock and soft AOR. This is Mockasin’s purview. A strange melty landscape where Syd Barrett wants to be Prince, all the Hall & Oates 45s are warped from the sunlight exposure and being played at 33 and the sex drugs are lysergic.

If it all sounds really weird, it is. But, don’t be afraid…it feels really good and totally melts in your mouth.

Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You by Connan Mockasin