Dauwd: Artist You Should Know

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After a couple of  releases for Ghostly and remixes for Kompakt, London-based producer Dauwd, has just released his first EP for the Cologne-based dance music titan.

The “Kindlinn“EP sees the newcomer making a rather compelling shift from the UK sound he’s originally become known for and reinventing himself as a virtuoso of propelling house and romantic techno.

The title cut “Kindlinn” is a stunner that brilliantly echoes Matthew Dear’s groove, but has a unique charm that is all Dauwd.

What starts as a noodly jam on the legendary Linn Drum machine builds and builds into a full on warehouse floor chugger.

Finding just the balance between analogue warmth and ice cold machine funk, Dauwd has sorted it out.

This is exciting work and hopefully a harbinger of what’s to come.