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deerhoofI have to admit – I’m a new Deerhoof fan. While I’ve been hearing about the San Francisco-based band’s quirky, almost experimental, pop for years, I’ve never really dug deep into their recordings.  But when I heard that KCRW DJ and music maniac Henry Rollins (happy 50th birthday, Henry!) was the first to debut their new record Deerhoof vs Evil (their 11th album in 14 years) on his show, I realized I better start paying attention.

Henry played the record in its entirety in early January, weeks before release, saying “Deerhoof vs. Evil distinguishes itself by being a record the band recorded, mixed and mastered on their own in rehearsal places and basements. If you are a fan of the band, I think you will dig their new album.”

I’d like to add that you don’t have to be a longtime fan to dig it.  Its pretty likeable on all levels. Their avant-garde nature is toned down just enough to make their music a bit more accessible but maintaining the colorful playfulness that sets them apart, in large part thanks to Satomi Matsuzaki’s sweet vocals.

It’s a great record and we’re spinning lots of tracks. My personal favorite is “Behold a Marvel in the Darkness.”

Deerhoof – Behold a Marvel in the Darkness by Polyvinyl Records



p.s.: I went out to dinner with the Professor of Indie Rock Wendy Fonarow last week and were discussing how food is the new indie rock. We were enjoying a meal based on molecular gastronomy and wondering what band would represent this avant-garde type of food and Deerhoof came immediately to mind. Check out the article she wrote for the UK Guardian in part based on our conversation. Check out the comments!

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