Devon Williams: Artist You Should Know

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What would happen if in a defiantly punker than punk move, punks started writing songs about being happy and longing for love? Not in a tongue in cheek way, or ironically, or by steeping it in dry droll humor, but sincerely. And then what if they added strings and stuff to the songs too?

The answer to that question is the sweet, smart, jangly pop of Devon Williams.

His dangerously earnest interviews in which he doesn’t hesitate to call bullshit on the self-indulgent nature and ego of LA’s music industry folks (his heroes included) AND his staying decidedly low-key, while putting in the work playing in a number of other decidedly low-key LA bands are all indicators (in my humble opinion) of a dude whose work ethic and overall outlook are pretty DIY.

That same work ethic and earnestness seems to inform how gauzy 4AD maximalism in the service of a song is also important and shouldn’t be just the stuff of label artists with endless cash-flow and studio time.

His latest album, “Euphoria” is a truly lovely thing and it delivers on it’s promise.

Devon Williams – Your Sympathy by Slumberland Records

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