Disclosure: Artist You Should Know

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I don’t remember what movie it is, but the sleazy protagonist says something along the lines of, “I keep getting older, and they just keep getting younger.”

LA’s currently teeming with talented young house music producers who are barely old enough to drink in the clubs they’re spinning in. Luckily, London’s drinking age is a little younger, so the club kids get a chance to spread their wings earlier. London’s freshest new sibling duo, Disclosure is no exception. Talking to producer Joakim Bouaziz earlier this summer, he literally referred to them with awe and no disrespect at all as “little kids.”

The amazing thing is that despite their youth, they are churning out a seriously soulful brand of house that is just gorgeous and versatile enough that it’s getting spins mornings and evenings on KCRW. (In fact,  KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer hosted a Guest DJ set from the duo on his show this past Friday!)

Their latest single, “Latch” features vocals by Sam Smith, whose exquisite voice is remarkably reminiscent of Sam Sparro’s in all the right ways. But the track on the whole is just a total R & B quiet storm burner with a chuggy low end that is brightened by these excellent shimmery flourishes that give it a real standout quality as a candidate for one of the year’s best singles.

Latch ft. Sam Smith by Disclosure

On Halloween, Disclosure is making their LA debut performing at the El Rey. (With an opening set by local label Body High boss, Samo Sound Boy.) Not too shabby for a couple of kids.

— Mario Cotto