DJ Anthony Valadez Remixes Electric Wire Hustle – “Bottom Line”

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ewh_press_comp_bw_sm_dw1-620x471I’ve been a fan of New Zealand-based duo Electric Wire Hustle for some time.

I can’t quite put a time stamp on it, but it was definitely before the release of their self-titled 2010 debut release.

The minute I got my hands on the album, it was on repeat every Monday night.

This was a band that captured synths, sexy bass lines and vocals that just consoled you.

I was honored to open for the band in LA and at SXSW and build a relationship with them. I was in NYC when Havana Joe of Okayplayer records broke the news to me that they would be releasing the next record.

I was excited! I always felt their debut just did not have that big enough push or was accepted by the masses the way it should have been! I felt like Okayplayer would not only be the right label, but the right community and push for the band.

Joe followed up with “Would you like to do a remix for them” and instantly, I said YES!

I sat in my home studio for hours thinking of a creative way to approach an already awesome song called “Bottom Line”.

The original was dark with a strumming drum pattern with a striking piano. I wanted to return to the last album and utilize a lot of the inspiration I got when I first heard the band.

I played with the drums heavily and wanted to switch them up here and there throughout the remix. Hope you like it!

The full album, “Love Can Prevail” will be out on September 8.