DJ Nature: Artist You Should Know

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DJ Nature, born Milo Johnson chose the underground.

One of the founding members of the legendary Wild Bunch crew in Bristol that eventually gave birth to Massive Attack, Soul II Soul, Tricky…and entire of genre of music. Johnson did some production work with his partner Nellee Hooper, but eventually took the road less traveled and chose to enjoy the anonymity of going to Japan to DJ for Japanese hip-hop duo Major Force West and take a backseat while his entire crew went on to superstardom.

The last few years Johnson seemingly came out of self-imposed retirement and released a couple of 12″s for the Golf Channel label, with whom he’s now released a solid full length album. “Return of the Savage” is a moody, soulful house record that strikes an excellent balance between the stripped downtempo sensuality and soul of Massive Attack‘s take on “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got” and the shameless raw sexuality of Moodymann’s Detroit vibes.

It’s an excellent record that feels like a spirited throwback and a definitive statement of identity from a guy who’s historically opted out.