DJs Pareja: Artist You Should Know

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With the omnipresent, consistent output of amazing dance music ferrying back and forth across the Atlantic from Europe to the States and back again…it’s easy to forget there’s an entire other hemisphere south of the equator. I’m not trying to be dismissive, it’s just an unfortunate matter of fact.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Chilean Producer/DJ Matias Aguayo took his experiences in Cologne’s dance community as a part of Kompakt, and brought it to Latin and South America in the form of his label Comeme. Having released truly exceptional dance music from Mexico’s Rebolledo & Daniel Maloso, Comeme’s most recent juggernaut is Argentina’s DJs Pareja.

Literally translating into “DJ Pair” or “DJ Couple” they’re obviously not without a sense of humor about the DJ/Producer duo cliche, if anything, there’s a sense that they know what they’re doing is so sharp that they could’ve called themselves anything at all. Their EP is called, “De La Cabeza” (“Off Your Head”) and it is an impressively trippy affair. It surprises with random acid squelches, menacing sax solos, random cowbells and elements that at times you half can’t believe are happening, but all the tracks just slink and twitch in all the right places nonetheless.

It’s a brilliant combination of classic traditional German techno vibes with a dash of Optimo’s tense paranoid compression with accents of Aguayo’s psychedelic, do-whatever-you-want feeling.

Ladren Ladren” is a perfect example of how excellently chaotic and off their heads this pair of Argentinian heads can get.

Djs Pareja – Ladren Ladren by Djs Pareja