DOWNLOAD: Limited Edition Pharaohs’ Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape!

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On August 20th at the Echoplex, the eclectic monthly rager Check Yo’ Ponytail will be presenting a seriously warped and seriously fun line-up including nu-disco partymonsters Escort, tribal trance inducers Pharaohs, New Age psychedelic techno wizard Secret Circuit, and Ireland by way of Canada synthpoppers Nightbox.

I’ve seen almost all these artists before and can assure you that this inspired line-up will no doubt put on a gloriously trippy rave.

Pharaohs are one of my favorite local artists and traffic in a meditative Motorik Synth Acid World groove that sounds like the music of Blade Runner’s Off-World Colony clubs…and they’ve provided an exclusive promo mixtape for your enjoyment and as a sampling of the vibes…

Featuring rad new heat from Mind Fair, Acid Arab and Pacha…this mixtape bumps and is available for a limited time only!

Download it while you still can and get trippy on Tuesday night at Check Yo Ponytail!